Southwild Pantanal

Owned and operated by professional wildlife biologists, SouthWild Pantanal is located 2.5 km off the Transpantaneira Road, on the forested banks of the wildlife-rich Pixaim River. With air conditioned rooms and accessible riverine forest, SWP offers the Pantanal's best value for serious birders, naturalists, and photographers. We offer boat outings that feature the world's tamest Giant Otters and since 2011 also wild Jaguars. Other exclusives are the Jabiru nest observation tower and the forest tower close to a parrot roost. We also have silent, electric river catamarans for photographers using long lenses on tripods. We also offer horse rides, cattle drives, walks on scientifically-designed forest trails, research lectures, mammal spotlighting, star chart for study of the spectacular night sky, and Brazilian barbecues.


SWP has 11 double-occupancy rooms with air conditioning and private, hot-shower bathrooms. The largest rooms easily accommodate up to four single beds, which is ideal for families. The large, screened dining room and lounge features a full bar and specializing in caipirinhas, the Brazilian national cocktail.


Three meals are included per day. We also have laundry service, and offer drinking water from large dispensers for free. Upon request, guides are available in German, English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese.

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